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Who Is Alex Schulko?

Proven experience in getting contractors massive results

The award-winning website designer and digital marketer, Alex Schulko is based out of Madison, Wisconsin. With over 15 years experience in the field he’s become one of America’s top experts on website design and lead generation SEO services for home contractors.

  • Award Winning – Alex Schulko has won multiple awards for website development and lead generation SEO services for home contractors, and was recently awarded the top website designer in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Published Author – In 2021 Alex Schulko wrote and published his book Ultimate Contractor Website: The Ultimate Guide on How to Get as Many Leads as Possible and Immediate Sales From Your Website.

  • Magazine Features – Featured in multiple magazine articles such as Coatings Pro Magazine for his web development and lead generation SEO service.

Alex Schulko
Published Author & Expert Website Builder

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